We are Five Rivers.

We are a small-but-mighty publishing studio serving entrepreneurs. We produce amazing books that make a deep impact, and meaningfully build brands. We operate a hybrid publishing model, taking the best from traditional and indie publishing worlds… and sprinkling our own bit of magic on top.
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A little more about us:
  • We work with entrepreneurs who have bold and powerful stories to share with the world.
  • We help you write your book the way it’s meant to be written and reach the readers who are supposed to be reached.
How we work:
  • We coach you through the book-writing process, help you ghostwrite your book, or somewhere in between
  • We provide careful and thorough editing & proofreading services
  • We design a beautiful book cover for you, with gorgeous book design
  • We set you up for both wide and deep distribution, on existing platforms and your own one, too.
And the journey doesn’t stop there. After we’ve worked carefully to put your book together and released it into open water… We’ll help you promote your book, step into your potential as an author-entrepreneur and meaningfully build your brand. We work closely with our clients, over the course of months and years. It’s for that reason that we work with just a handful of entrepreneurs each year.
Contact: To start a conversation with us, just email hello@fiveriverscollective.com We’d love to hear from you, and explore the journey we might be able to take together ⛵
Five Rivers Collective: A small publishing team doing mighty things.
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