We are Five Rivers.

We are a small-but-mighty publishing studio serving entrepreneurs and changemakers with courageous stories to share.
We produce amazing books that make a deep impact, and meaningfully build brands.
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Our approach
  • We take a “whole author” approach; taking time to get to know you and your story
  • Then we get to helping you write & craft your book in your unique voice
  • After an initial consultation call, we outline a plan-of-action with timescales to get your book produced
How we work:
  • We coach you through the book-writing process, help you ghostwrite your book, or usually somewhere in between
  • We provide careful and thorough editing & proofreading services
  • We design a beautiful cover for you, to make your book stand out on digital and physical bookshelves
  • We set you up for both wide and deep distribution globally, on your own website & also with retailers (like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Waterstones)
And the journey doesn’t stop there. After we’ve worked carefully to put your book together and released it into open water… we don’t just leave you in the lurch. We’ll talk to you about how to best use your book to make an impact and build authority in your chosen area, meaningfully building your author-entrepreneur brand in the long run.
Contact: If you like what you’ve read, and are purpose-led entrepreneur or changemaker with an idea or a project you’ve started… we’d love to hear from you. We typically work with just a handful of authors & their book projects each year. To start a conversation with us, contact us here or email hello@fiveriverscollective.com, and let’s explore the journey we could take together ⛵
📚 Five Rivers Collective: A publishing studio founded by Jas Hothi.
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