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About our Founder, Jas Hothi Jas spent over a decade in the world of sales and publishing, before putting together Five Rivers. Since leaving his corporate job in 2015, he started his first blog, which led to running other publications, writing summits, and coaching hundreds of writers and aspiring writers of all varieties (in both 1:1 and group/mastermind settings). In 2021 he published The Indie Author. Meticulously crafted over the coruse of more than two years, the book documents the stories of 50 self-published authors in various genres, across the world. Upon finishing the book, he realised a deep need for a publishing solution that serves entrepreneurs, helping them produce amazing books that gather thousands and thousands of readers over time. In September 2022, the collective was born. Led by Jas, but supported by a small team with a common vision, Five Rivers collaborates with a handful of entrepreneurs each year to produce amazing books that make a meaningful impact.