What even is an ‘indie writer’?

We’re glad you asked! 😊 - An indie writer is simply someone who writes and shares their words. - Whether just 1 person reads your words, or 1 million, sharing your words = self-publishing. The magic isn’t in HOW many people read your words, it’s in the act of writing and sharing them - And so whether it’s a sentence, a post, a novella, a book… so long as the words are written and shared, this is independent writing. - Just like an indie author writes and shares their writing through books, an indie writer writes and shares their words, whether it’s just one single word or 100,000 of them. If you choose to join us, we’ll send you a free 38-page guide to explain exactly why writing and sharing your words to a private writing space (a blog) can change your life, and how you can get started.